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Now that you’ve got the landscaping of your dreams, how do you maintain it and keep it looking its best? The answer is simple. We offer maintenance packages to suit every property owner’s needs and budget. Having a professional maintenance crew means that your entire property will shine all year long.

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Spring and Fall Maintenance

We offer spring and fall maintenance to refresh your property and get it ready for the season ahead. Seasonal maintenance includes:

collage of lawn care
  • Rake and clean-up debris from lawns and gardens
  • Prune/shape trees
  • Seed lawns
  • Repair patio stones
  • Mulch and Top Soil as needed
  • Aerate
  • Power Rake
  • Hedge Trimming
  • Debris Removal (Dump Runs)
Regular Maintenance

Of course to keep your gardens at their best, you will need more than a couple of maintenance visits a year. Our professional landscapers will help you develop a maintenance program that is just right for you. Let us do all the work while you get the glory! Regular maintenance visits include:

Grass cutting/Weed Whacking | Weeding | Plantings | Trimming of hedges and trees | Fruit Removal if needed